Where Is The Original Authentic Bible?

Every Muslim believes that the Bible has been changed. Let’s think about this for a minute.

The Quran AFFIRMS and PRAISES the earlier scriptures. This means that DURING the time of Muhammad the Bible, which is made up of Torah, Zabur & Injil was INTACT. Correct? So you believe the Bible must have been changed AFTER the 8th century AD. Fine.

Now listen. Scholars have Bible manuscripts dating HUNDREDS of years BEFORE Muhammad was born! The Bible had been spread throughout the known world for hundreds of years before Quran came into existence! Today’s Bible is virtually the same as what we find recorded in the manuscripts dating from 2nd and 3rd and 4th century AD which were discovered in the 20th century! (Muhammad lived in the 7th century AD.)


The Codex Sinaiticus, from the fourth century, contains the whole of the New Testament and much of the Old. Preserved for centuries and you can see it today in the British Museum in London.  It says what today’s Bible says.

The Codex Alexandrinus. This volume, written in the fifth century after Christ, contains the whole Bible except for a few leaves lost. You can see it in the British Museum. Nothing is contained in it that is not part of our current Bible!

The Codex Vaticanus. Probably the oldest surviving manuscript of the whole Bible. It was written in the fourth century and is preserved in the Vatican Library in Rome.

These manuscripts prove conclusively that the only scriptures in the hands of the Church at least two hundred years prior to Muhammad’s time were the Old and New Testaments as we know them today.


Even if someone “re-wrote” the Bible as many Muslims claim, where are all the thousands of original Bible that had gone all over the world for hundreds of years?

Not only that. The Bible was already translated to various languages hundreds of years BEFORE Muhammad.

The Septuagint. This is the title of the first translation of the Old Testament into Greek. It was likewise transcribed in the second century before Christ. The first century church used this Bible. And we still have it.

The Latin Vulgate.  The whole Bible was translated into Latin in the fourth century after Christ.  again, this was hundreds of years before Muhammad and contains the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as we know them today.


How could someone change all these copies, all the translations, make the same changes in every one of them, all over the world? Remember, thousands of copies had been produced and gone all over the known world.  [One significant piece of manuscripts is known as the P52, a portion of John’s Gospel found in Egypt written around 125 AD.  This shows copies of scripture had been made and spread to other parts of the world early on in history.]


Is someone intended to make dishonest changes to the word of God, don’t you think there would be some true and honest Jews or Christians or Muslims in the world who could have easily kept, preserved and produced the original intact Bible to denounce this “great deception” and defend the original word of God. No one has ever produced any such Bible ever. Why?

There is no alternative source of evidence suggesting that the life and teachings Jesus Christ were substantially other than that which is recorded in the Bible.

This is exactly what honest Muslim scholars through the centuries have said:

“How could there be any alteration in the Book whose words’ sharpness has reached a great level of circulation in the East and in the West? … For no change can occur in a book that is well circulated among men. Every wise man can see that the alteration of the Bible was impossible for it was well circulated among men of different faith and backgrounds.”

Al-Razi (865 – 925 AD) One of the most famous Muslim scholars, called “the Imam of Muslim Imams”


“As far as the text of the Bible is concerned, it has not been altered. No attempt was made to present a diverging text as the authentic one.”
Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817 – 1898), a prominent and influential Muslim modernist
“… the charge of corruption of the Biblical texts makes no sense at all. It would not have been possible for Jews and Christians everywhere to agree on changing the text. Even if those in Arabia had done it, the difference between their book and those of their brothers, let us say in Syria and Europe, would have been obvious…We believe that these Gospel accounts are the true Gospel.”

Muhammad ‘Abduh (1849 – 1905), an Egyptian religious scholar


Be honest with yourself.  Do you have any historical evidences to substantiate your argument that the Bible as we know it has been changed?
1. What was it originally? Why isn’t there any other “Bible”?

2. What, precisely, was changed to make it the book it is today?

3. Who made these changes?

4. When were the changes made in history?

No one has been able to produce answers to these questions. Why? Because such evidences quite simply do not exist.