Our soul is our most prized possession

our-soul-in-god-handsFirst of all , we need to take closer look to this psalm from the Holy Bible: “For what is a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” and now we can answer ourselves to some important questions:

Why is the soul so important? There’s nothing in this world is as valuable as the soul? I’ve tried to answer this question for a long time.

The soul is often compared to the heart, you love or hate, the feeling of anger or sympathy, the heart feels everything. When you love and see the person you love, focus on the heart and you’ll notice that the feeling comes from there.  You can feel that and you can thank the lord through the thankful prayers which you invoke each day.Any deep feeling you have, do this and you will always reach the same conclusion.

Can the heart be compared to the soul? Yes, the man has two hands (he can lose one or both and still live), two feet, two eyes, etc.. The man can live without organs, without a kidney, without a lung, without a liver “but it regenerates”. I saw a shocking case: a child has reached the age of one year although was born without brains (it can easily be found on the internet), so a man can live without brain activity in exceptional cases, but it can.

Yes, the heart can be likened to the soul. What can a man give in exchange for his heart? Nothing! A heartless man has no life, the same without a soul!

The man has three lives, from the first moment of life he gets a soul, the heart grows, in the second life the heart matures and the soul matures and in the third life the man who hasn’t lost his soul has a fellowship with God.

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