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  1. Is Allah pure oneness without plurality ?

    Islam scholar insists that the word for allah’s oneness has to be “ al ahad “ in sura 112 : 112 Surah Ikhlas, Ayah 1- “Al Ahad” (Al Wahid) :
    The word “ al wahid “ can contain pluralities :
    “ That is why wherever in the Quran the word wahid has been used for Allah, He has been called Ilah wahid (one Deity), or AllahulWahid- al-Qahhar (One Allah Who is Omnipotent), and nowhere just wahid, for this word is also used for the things which contain pluralities of different kinds in their being .. “:
    Nevertheless one of Mohammed’s most trusted scribes and companions , Ibn Masoud , has “ al wahid “ in his mushaf : “ al wahid, in place of al ahad “ :

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