Is There Science In The Quran?

Is There Science In The Quran?

Muslims tell everyone that there is “science” in the quran. And, this is supposedly miraculous evidence that their book comes from God.

When I ask about history or chronology in the Quran, they say Quran is not a history book.
When I ask about names of people and names of places, they say Quran is not a book that needs to give such facts and details.

When I ask about prophesies in the Quran, they say Quran is not a book of prophecy.
When I point out that not a single story of the prophets is complete (except the story of Joseph), they say Quran is not a story book and that the incomplete stories are sufficient.

But, somehow when it comes to science, Muslims believe the Quran has science in it.

Why did Allah think that science must be included in the Quran, so that mankind may know this book is from him?

The names of the first human beings born on the earth were not mentioned, but apparently detailed embryology of their birth in the womb of an unnamed woman is supposedly in the Quran.

Let’s do muslims a favor and look at this claim that the science in the book proves that it is from Allah.  If it is from a an all-knowing deity, THERE CANNOT BE EVEN ONE SINGLE SCIENTIFIC ERROR.

If the Quran had said that, “stars are luminous balls of gases held together by their own gravity”, I would be impressed.

Instead, Allah says that stars are missiles for the devil. (Sura 67:5)  What science is this? In which era?

This is not science. This is more like some 7th century desert superstition. Perhaps someone saw a meteorite streaking across the night sky but unfortunately didn’t know the difference between a star and a shooting star and claimed it was missiles being shot at the devil.

I can show you dozens of scientific errors like the “science” that semen is produced between the backbone and the ribs.

Like I said, one error is enough for the whole pile of scientific cards to come tumbling down and prove that the all of the so-called science in the Quran is made up.

Read this:

And from his narration on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas that he said regarding the interpretation of Allah’s saying (Nun): ‘(Nun) He says: Allah swears by the Nun, which is the whale that carries the earths on its back while in Water, and beneath which is the Bull and under the Bull is the Rock and under the Rock is the Dust and none knows what is under the Dust save Allah. The name of the whale is Liwash, and it is said its name is Lutiaya’; the name of the bull is Bahamut, and some say its name is Talhut or Liyona. The whale is in a sea called ‘Adwad, and it is like a small bull in a huge sea. The sea is in a hollowed rock whereby there is 4,000 cracks, and from each crack water springs out to the earth. It is also said that Nun is one of the names of the Lord; it stands for the letter Nun in Allah’s name al-Rahman (the Beneficent); and it is also said that a Nun is an inkwell. (By the pen) Allah swore by the pen. This pen is made of light and its height is equal to the distance between Heaven and earth. It is with this pen that the Wise Remembrance, i.e. the Guarded Tablet, was written. It is also said that the pen is one of the angels by whom Allah has sworn, (and that which they write (therewith)) and Allah also swore by what the angels write down of the works of the children of Adam.. (source )


Here is a list of the scientific claims and errors in the Quran. Check it out.


Any claims of scientific miracles must be clear for a non-muslim to see and acknowledge as a miracle.  If it needs Muslim explanation and interpretation, then it only works for a Muslim.

Otherwise, it is possible to force science into anything and then explain and interpret it to fit anything you want.
Let me give you an example.

Here is a poem in a children’s book.

“See the clouds floating in the sky
White clouds, grey clouds, big clouds, small clouds,
See how they come and go,
Sometimes high sometimes low.”

Wow! Did you see the amazing science revealed in these 4 verses!?

“What science?”

Here, I need to explain it to you.

verse 1. SEE the clouds FLOATING in the sky…
It’s telling us that when tiny droplets of water in the sky come together, they become VISIBLE to our EYES, and we SEE them as clouds and because they are so light that they can FLOAT in the air!


Here’s more….

verse 2: White clouds, grey clouds, big clouds, small clouds,
We learn here that clouds are white because the water droplets scatters the light of the seven wavelengths which combine to produce white light.  And when it says big clouds, that’s a definite reference to Altostratus clouds! And clearly, small clouds are a reference to Cirro-cumulus clouds!

Incredible science found in a toddler’s book!



In closing, a word on the so-called miraculous coincidences in the Quran.

A fatwa by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid on the well respected traditional Islamic site (Islam Q and A) saying that claims for miraculous coincidences of word occurences in the Qur’an are to be discounted:

“Writing a book which contains a specific number of certain words is something that anyone can do; what is so miraculous about that?…

All of that is toying with the Book of Allah which is caused by ignorance of the true nature of the miracle of the Book of Allah.

By examining the statistics presented by those who have published these numbers, we find that they did not get the numbers of some phrases right, and some of them have been selective in the way they counted the words, and that is so that they might reach the conclusion they want and that they think is in the Book of Allah.”


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