How Do You Pray?

Muslims have to follow rituals created by man. Are these instructions in the Quran?
Bow like this, prostrate this way, recite this, repeat that over and over again, sit like this, fold your arms like that…. Careful, if you miss out anything, allah will reject you.

Are you sure you’re facing the right direction? Forgot to wash your nostrils correctly? Start all over again! Ooops did you fart? Allah does not like that. He also hates people yawning. Make sure you don’t look up while you pray or he will take your eyes away and make you go blind.

Dont you think Allah is acting like a slave master waiting to catch you the minute you want to come to pray or worship him? In an instant he can throw you into his jahannam. Did you know that even though Muhammad promised paradise to Abu Bakr, his father-in-law and best friend, said that even if he had one foot in paradise, Allah can cast him into hell.

I have GOOD NEWS. The true God is a LOVING FATHER. The minute you decide to come to Him, His arms are open wide to receive and welcome you. You dont have to wash your hands or your feet or take a specific posture before Father God. The only posture He looks for is humility in your heart.

I can stand or sit or kneel or bow or fall face down prostrating on the ground, He accepts me. I can pray and worship my Father whether I’m driving or jogging or working or taking a shower. I can face any direction and He doesn’t mind. He doesn’t turn me away even if I fart. Why? Because He is a Father to His children. Does your human father reject you when you fart or yawn? No, because he is good and he loves you.

Isn’t Allah even as good as your weak human fathers? Doesn’t he even have half the genuine love that your father has for you?

God my Heavenly Father loves me. He loves you too and longs for you to accept Him as your Father too.