Was Jesus Good?

When Jesus asked a man, “WHY do you call Me good?”, He was asking “WHY”.

Somehow, many seem to misread it as Jesus saying, “I am not good.” Huh?

Jesus is very plainly asking the man a simple question, because the man addressed Him as “Good Teacher.”
Jesus was NOT saying that He wasn’t a good teacher.  He’s asking WHY.

At another time, in Luke 6:46, Jesus challenges, ‘Why do you call me Lord…”.
Is He denying His Lordship or is He asking WHY?  

Then, continuing the conversation with the man who called Him good Teacher, Jesus tells him, “Only God is good.”

But somehow, the same people misread it as, “I am not God.”

Don’t read something which is not there, my friends!

Can you follow the conversation and what Jesus is asking the man? Read the whole conversation in context in Mark 10.

Let me make it clear in simple English. Essentially, this is what Jesus was asking the man. “If you call Me good, and only God is good, does it mean you are calling Me God?”

Look at this.

In John 10:11, Jesus says, “I AM the GOOD shepherd.” He says it again in verse 14. “I AM the GOOD Shepherd.”

Jesus just called Himself GOOD! And since we are clear that ONLY God is good, therefore, Jesus is saying He is God!
Moreover, in many places in the Old Testament, God YHWH is portrayed as a Shepherd! For example: Psalm 23:1..
“The LORD (Yahweh) is my Shepherd.”

so when Jesus says, “I AM The Good Shepherd”, what is he saying?

Jesus is God in the flesh and He is good!

Now what?

So don’t ask where did Jesus say He is God in the Bible. If only you would take the time to actually read it.