Where Is Your Injeel?

According to Islam, the Injeel is a book that your Allah gave to your Issa.  Somehow, some time in history, these two, your Allah and your Issa managed to lose this book.

Yet we have Muslims today who ask us Christians: “Where is this Injeel?”
Wait. This is not our book. We have no such book!  No evidence of the existence of such a book in our history.
That is YOUR book, that Your Allah gave to Your Issa. Don’t ask us about it.

YOU show it to us!

The books that we have and have always had is the Gospel compiled in our Bibles.  Contrary to what Muslims claim, the Gospel is not the name of a book that God sent down to Jesus.  The Gospel means GOOD NEWS.  This god news was put inot writing by faithful followers of Jesus and records for us the teachings and works of Jesus Christ.

In fact, why don’t you bring your Injeel and show it to us. I’d like to compare it to our Gospel. Let’s see for ourselves what exactly are the so-called errors, changes, corruptions that you allege is in our Gospel.

Our Gospel was originally written in Greek and translated into numerous languages and spread throughout the known world hundreds of years BEFORE Muhammad. We know exactly what it contains.

Today we have thousands of manuscripts from hundreds of years BEFORE and AFTER Muhammad. But not one single fragment of anything supposedly called an Injeel anywhere in the world!

Muslims, can you even show us a single chapter of this mythical Injeel?
Can you tell us who wrote it? In what language?
Did it contain recitations of Allah or writings of man?
How many chapters or verses did it contain?
How was it divided? How was it arranged?
When did it exist and when was it lost?
Was it ever translated?
How far and wide was it distributed?
Muslims cannot answer anything about THEIR Injeel, while we can tell you all about OUR gospel.

Why isn’t there even one shred of evidence of this Injeel? Any intelligent man would ask, “Did it even exist?”

If it ever existed, there must have been a period in history where this “Injeel” existed AT THE SAME TIME AS our Gospel. Did anyone ever speak about such a happening in history? Did anyone ever hold up the Injeel in one hand and the Gospel in the other and wonder which one was genuine?

Well, let’s do that today. Here’s a challenge for any Muslim to bring Allah’s Injeel and we’ll look at it verse by verse.

Muslims today don’t know anything about this book that only your Allah and your Muhammad talked about.  And yet, Muslims today keep asking US Christians to show YOU this Injeel? We don’t even believe Muhammad was a true prophet, and you want us to show you a book he mentioned that we know never existed?