What Was The Real Sign Of Jonah?

I was reading from the Old Testament prophet Jonah (Yunus). In chapter 2, he records his prayer while he was entombed in the belly of the great fish.

Do you know how he ended his prayer? This blew my mind.

In Jonah 2:9 in the Hebrew, it is simply: “Yeshua Yahweh”! (meaning Salvation is of the Lord.)

Jesus had spoken about the “sign of Jonah.” A sign always points to something.

Jonah was pointing to Yeshua 800 years before He was born!

There are many signs in Jonah’s life that pointed to Christ.

When he was on the ship and there was a great storm…. every human being on the ship was doomed to die.

How was everyone saved? 
Because Jonah sacrificed himself.

Jonah was unseen by anyone for 3 days.
And then he re-appeared.

Did he die? 

Read what he says and tell me. Here is how he records his experience in Jonah 2: 

“From deep in the realm of the dead I called for help..” Jonah 2:2

What do you think? Who goes to the realm of the dead? Someone who is alive or someone who is dead? 

He also says: “the earth beneath barred me in forever.”  Jonah 2:6a
Is it a living person or a dead person that goes permanently into the grave below?

BUT then, this happens, three days later

“But you, Lord my God, brought my life up from the pit.” Jonah 2:6a

That sure sounds like a description of resurrection to me!

Notice he didnt say: my God brought ME up from the pit. 
(That would have been the natural thing to say, wouldnt it?).

But he said, My God brought MY LIFE up….!  His life was gone. God brought it up again!