But There’s No J In Hebrew

It’s true. There is no letter “J” in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
So, Muslims argue that Jesus’ name must be a fabrication. Is that plausible?

Transliterating a word from one language to another has to take into account the rules and limitations of both the languages. Sometimes the phonetics in one language cannot be directly rendered in a secondary language.

Yerushalayim in Hebrew is rendered as Jerusalem in English.
Would you then say that because there is no J in Hebrew, so Jerusalem, in English, must be a fabrication. Of course not!
That is just how the name is transliterated from the original language.

How about Yeriho? That’s Jericho in English. Or Nehar haYarden? That’s the River Jordan.

Do you see how Hebrew names with Y are consistently rendered into the English language with a J.

Let’s look at more examples:

Yaakov Jacob

Do you see the consistent way the names are transliterated?

Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua. This is rendered into English as Jesus.
So there is no problem with this at all

What about in Arabic?

Notice how the following Hebrew names are transliterated into Arabic in the Quran:


When it comes to Yeshua, why does the Quran stray? As you can see, names beginning with Y has been consistently and correctly rendered into Arabic EXCEPT for Yeshua? Why?

The Arab Christians say, “Yasuwa”. The Arabic Bible says “Yasuwa”.
Yeshua is Yasuwa in Arabic.  (يَسُوعَ)

How and where did the name Isa come? (عيسى)

Is Isa a fabrication?
Muslims had believed that the name Jesus is a fabrication, but I have shown it was simply accurate and consistent rendering into English.

The tables have turned. It is the name, Isa, that is now in question.
Is the name Isa a fabrication? How did the name Yeshua become Isa?

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