How Satan Counterfeits Truth

Satan hates God and will lie and deceive to drive people away from following the true God.
One of the weapons he uses is his power to counterfeit what is true and genuine and from God.

For example, God sends His prophets. And satan sends his false prophets. Counterfeits meant to lie and deceive
people from knowing the truth.

Now I am thinking out loud here. Please help me out….

Truth: The Church of Jesus Christ
Counterfeit: Satan has counterfeited it and we all know there is the church of satan.
Is there a mosque of satan? I don’t know. I never heard of it.

Truth: The Bible
Counterfeit: Jehovah Witness have their counterfeit bible. The Mormons have theirs. Oh, and the satanic bible is available for free download.
Is there a satanic quran? Muslims tells us there is only one quran in the whole world. OK. We’ll take your word for it. Makes sense. No need for satan to counterfeit what is already his tool?

Truth: The Gospel
Counterfeit: There are many fake and forged gospels. The gnostic gospels come to mind. And of course, the infamous forgery, the gospel of Barnabas.
Does the Quran have it’s own counterfeit version of the gospel? A counterfeit version where Jesus the Messiah does not die? (see Galatians 1:7-8)

Truth: The Cross
Counterfeit: Satanists use the symbol of the upside down cross to mock, ridicule and deny Jesus’ death. Sound familiar?
What are the symbols of Islam that have been counterfeited by satan?

Truth: The Blood of The LAMB (Jesus) cleanses and redeems us
Counterfeit: The symbol of the GOAT (satan) is sacred to satanists and they have many blood rituals and their own sacrificial systems, including a counterfeit version of the Holy Communion. (1 Cor 10:20-21)
Truth: The Trinity ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Counterfeit: Satan has his own evil trinity to rival God ~ satan (the dragon), the beast (son of destruction) and the false prophet. The book of Revelation (16:13) exposes this and they will be revealed in the end times.
Did you notice that one of the titles for “the beast”, the second member of this unholy trinity is, the “son of destruction”. Can you see how this is a counterfeit for the “Son of God”?
Think about it. Only what is true and genuine is counterfeited. You dont need to counterfeit what is already fake. Satan does not need to counterfeit what are already his tools in his hands to deceive the whole world.