Was Isa pbuh A Failure In Islam?

Muslims, was Isa pbuh a failure? Think about it.

1. You believe he came to preach Islam but no one accepted Islam. There is no record of Islam taking root in the 1st century AD.

2. You believe he was given a book. But this book doesn’t exist anymore. Isa pbuh somehow manage to lose the book Allah supposedly gave him or he failed to preserve it. No human being knows even one single chapter in the book.

3. His followers failed to propogate Islam. Instead, you believe impostors claiming to be his followers were deceived by Allah and began preaching a different religion then what he came to preach. They produced books that were preserved to this day teaching a message you claimed he never taught and committing shirk by associating him with God and even worshiping him. What a mess!

4. You believe the people he came to preach to tried to put him to death and in the end, he was so helpless and cowardly that Allah had to rescue him by substituting him with some anonymous unknown person so that the whole world could be fooled.

5. And finally, Allah had to do a “reboot” to send the final message to replace the earlier message that was supposedly lost or corrupted; and a new prophet to show the right way where Isa failed.

What kind of a prophet is this? Tell me what exactly this Isa pbuh do?  Tell me again how much you respect and honor and love him by shaming him the way you do. Is the whole life of this Isa an abrogation of by Allah?