How Much Do You Know About Jesus?

I often hear Muslims saying that they love and respect Jesus and follow his teachings. Is this true?

My question is do you Muslims really even know Jesus? How much do you know about him?

Where was he born? Where did he grow up? Did he have brothers and sisters? What was their name? What was the name of his great-grandfather? Who were his best friends? What were his teachings to his disciples? What did he teach about prayer? What did he teach about fasting? What are the miracles he performed? What did he say about Moses, Abraham and the other prophets? What did he say about scriptures? What did he teach about heaven and hell? What did he say about the future? What did he teach about love? About money? About family? About death? …etc…etc…

You see…there are so many things you don’t know about the life of Jesus. And yet you claim he is your messenger and your prophet. If you are sincere in your beliefs, you should learn more about Jesus’ life and his words and his deeds.

Read about it from the perspective of his own closest followers. If you are a genuine Muslim who believes and honors and loves Jesus, I challenge you to read about the life of Jesus from the Injeel, the gospel. (I know you don’t accept the gospel but these writings record the biography of Jesus from the viewpoints of eye-witnesses of Jesus.

For example, do you know where Jesus was born? Find out in the gospel.  You will not find the answer in the Quran but would you be surprised if I told you the hadith confirms the name of the city in Sunan An-Nasai Chapter No: 5, Hadith no: 451.

Why not read about the whole life of Jesus in the book of Matthew or Mark or Luke? You can get a translation in your own language. Or you can read it online in English here:

If you have any questions or doubts, just write it down, and we can discuss it later. Just take your time but keep reading till the end.