Who Is Isa And Who Is Yasuwa?

Who Is Isa And Who Is Yasuwa?

Christianity had existed in Arabia for 400 years before Muhammad was born.

For hundreds of years, the Arab Christians had always called Jesus as Yasu or Yasuwa. (The name is derived from the original Hebrew, Yeshua, which means “Yahweh is Salvation.”)

When Muhammad lived in the 7th century, he would surely have known and heard about Yasū’ (يَسُوعَ) that the Christians believed in and spoke of.

Some time after 610 AD, Muhammad introduced a new name in Arabic that no Arab Christian had ever heard of or used for Jesus before.

A character loosely based on the real Yasuwa of the Bible and other folktales and legends from unreliable gnostic sources circulating at the time and Muhammad called his name Isa.

If Muhammad’s Isa is the same as the Yasuwa of the Arab Christians, why did he invent a NEW name, Isa (عيسى) instead of using the name Yasuwa (يَسُوعَ)  that every Arab had known for hundreds of years?

Was it because he was creating a new character that would fit his new religion?

Before Muhammad, no Arab had heard of Isa. The true Christians were not swayed by Muhammad’s tales. They rejected him.

In fact, the Arab Christians continue using the name Yasuwa till today.

Open an Arabic bible. You will find the name Yasuwa. You will never find the name Isa.

Now we can understand.
When Muslims say, Isa was not crucified, they are right. He was not.
It was Yasuwa who was crucified.

When Muslims say Isa was only a creation, they are right. He was a creation of Muhammad’s imagination.

When Muslims deny Isa’s divinity, again they’re absolutely right.
It was Yasuwa who is divine.

Yasuwa said, “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Isa said no such thing. The only thing Isa ever spoke were the words put into his mouth by Muhammad hundreds of years after Yasuwa had ascended to heaven.

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Isa And Who Is Yasuwa?

  1. How can i stand for jesus!!?
    INRI means Isa,Nazareth,ruler/king of Isreal
    Not jesus king of isreal
    Isa was a jew but jesus was english how could he be king of isreal!!!? Need clarification please

    1. Michael, you’re kidding, right?
      The 26 letters of the English language had not been invented yet.
      So the English alphabets “INRI” was not on the cross.
      I N R I was just artist’s impression of the Latin: Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum (NOT English Isa Nazareth Ruler of Israel)
      (NOTE: Latin uses “I” instead of the English “J”, and “V” instead of “U”)

      The Bible tells us the words that were put on the cross was in Aramaic, Latin and Greek. (John 19:19-20)
      In Greek it is: Ἰησοῦς ὁ Ναζωραῖος ὁ βασιλεὺς τῶν Ἰουδαίων (or translated in English; Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)
      By the way, Isa is an Arabic translation. The Arabic language did not exist yet at the time. Isa was never a Jewish name. No one was ever called by an Arabic name Isa in Israel.
      Jesus’ actual name is in Hebrew: ישוע.
      Can you read that?
      For the benefit of us English speakers, it is transliterated as YESHUA.
      The name JESUS comes from the Greek version of Yeshua i.e. IESOUS

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