Where Are The Books?

Muslim: Your own Bible refers to Muhammad in many verses.

Christian: Don’t you muslims believe that the Bible has been corrupted?

Muslim: Yes, the Bible has been corrupted.

Christian: Then how can you claim that Muhammad is found in a corrupted book? Dont you think that Allah would have preserved it to ensure his prophet’s name is in it?

Muslim: Not everything in the Bible is corrupted. Only some things.

Christian: OK. Are you saying Allah failed to preserve his words?

Muslim: It is not Allah’s fault. It is man’s problem.

Christian: Yes. Like I said. Allah failed to preserve his words against his own weak creation.

Muslim: No! Some things are corrupted, some are not.

Christian: How can you know what is corrupted and what is not?

Muslim: The Quran tells us. That is why the Quran was sent to us as the final revelation because the earlier books were corrupted.

Christian: So you muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted before the Quran was sent?

Muslim: Yes.

Christian: Then why does the Quran praise the earlier revelations if it was corrupted? Why does Allah tell Christians to judge by their book if it is corrupted? Why did allah honor them by calling them “People of The Book” if their Book was corrupted?

Muslim: Actually the Quran is talking about the Torah, Zabur and Injeel. Not the Bible.

Christian: Then why are you looking for Muhammad’s name in the Bible??


Christian: Where is the Torah, Zabur and Injeel?

Muslim: Those books are lost.

Christian: Does Allah say in the Quran say that these books were lost?

Muslim: LOL.. Of course not! It was not lost yet at the time of the Quran.

Christian: So these books still existed during the time of Muhammad. And it was lost only AFTER the Quran was revealed?

Muslim: Yes.

Christian: But you just said earlier that the Quran was sent because the earlier Books were corrupted. Now you say they were not corrupted.

Muslim: The bible contains corrupted copy of the torah, zabur and injeel.

Christian: The entire Bible was already completed hundreds of years before the Quran and spread to the known world. If the Torah, Zabur and Injeel of the Bible were corrupted and different from the “actual” existing Torah, Zabur and Injeel, which you said was only lost AFTER the Quran, anyone can compare the books and see that they are different. The whole world will know. This would have been huge. The whole of Christianity would have ended. Yet, there is no historical record of such a scandal. When the Quran came in the 7th century, it made no mention of this scenario of duplicate books. Rather it says, the Quran came to confirm (not replace) the books.

Muslim: Paul corrupted the books.

Christian: That’s nonsense. Paul lived more than 500 years before Muhammad. When allah revealed the quran, Did allah tell Muhammad about what Paul had done to allah’s books? Did he promise to punish Paul in hell just like he promised to punish Abu Lahab? Paul’s actions were far more serious than Abu Lahab!

Christian: Do you actually believe that an ordinary human being could have destroyed God’s words? Is God so weak and not able to preserve His words?

Christian: Do you realize that you are saying that the “corrupted book” of an ordinary human being has survived for more than 2000 years but Allah’s books are lost?