What Happened To Gandhi?

History tells us that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1947. Shot to death at point blank range by an extremist named Nathuram Godse.
This is a historical fact and will always remain so, in ten, twenty or fifty years from now.

Now imagine. In the year 2547 CE, six hundred years after Gandhi is dead, a man in China begins lecturing that Gandhi was NOT shot to death. He escaped. Someone else was shot. Someone who looked like him. Would this make sense?

Now this Chinese man has never set foot in India. Doesn’t even speak any Indian languages. Has obviously never met Gandhi or his descendants. Yet he is convinced that history, as we know it, is wrong. 600 years late!

Ask him what is his source for his claims. He says that a higher power revealed it to him.
Ask him for evidence that what he says is true. He has none. He says his own word is his evidence.
Ask him if he has any witnesses to corroborate what he says. No, he has none.
Ask him if there are, at least, any witnesses to his alleged encounter with this “higher power”. He says no one can see or hear the higher power except he himself.

What can you surmise about such a person?
Smoking something he shouldn’t have been in some dark cave maybe? But let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and investigate his claims…

He insists in Mandarin (the only language he speaks), “They say that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, but they assassinated him not; but another who resembled him was assassinated.”

This opens up a huge can of worms!

Who was the impostor who was assassinated? No answer.
How did he come to be in Gandhi’s place? No answer.
When did he come to be in Gandhi’s place? No answer.
Why did he come to be in Gandhi’s place? No answer.
Why didn’t he tell anyone he wasn’t Gandhi? No answer.
Why was he impersonating Gandhi? No answer.
Did his family members report that he had gone missing? No answer.
Why didn’t Gandhi’s relatives who were there at the time of the assassination recognize that it was not Gandhi? No answer.
Why didn’t they recognize that it wasn’t Gandhi as they made preparations of the body for the funeral? No answer.
Why didn’t the real Gandhi assure his grieving family that he was safe? No answer.
Why did his family believe he was killed? No answer.
Is there any shred of evidence from 1947 and the following years that shows someone else was killed instead of Gandhi? No answer.
Why was the “truth” not known for 600 years? No answer.
Why did the “higher power” keep this a secret for 600 years? No answer.
Why did generation after generation of people from the 20th century to the 26th century, lived and died, believing Gandhi was assassinated?
Why were billions of people deceived? No answer.
What despicable game was this so-called “higher being” playing?