Did Paul Admit He Lied?

I have seen many Muslims quote Romans 3:7 as “evidence” that Paul supposedly admitted lying.

But if through my lie God’s truth abounds to his glory, why am I still being condemned as a sinner?

Romans 3:7

If you had actually read Romans 3, you would have learned that Paul was answering a series of question, right from verse 1! Question after question.

In fact, I count at least 15 questions in this chapter. The chapter is almost like an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that Paul tackles.
Paul states the question, objection or argument and then he proceeds to answer the questions, refute the objections and destroy the arguments!

Romans 3:7 is literally FAQ Question# 7 in the chapter! (Yes, I counted it! :)) So it was not Paul’s asking or saying anything in Romans 3:7. He was re-stating a question that someone asked and if you read on, you will find that he goes on to answer the question!

If you turn to the next chapter Roman 4, guess what? You will see another question right at verse 1. The FAQ continues!

So Muslims, you need to read every verse in its context. No verse stands alone. You cannot take one verse out and try to read your opinions or bias into it. Rather, you have to interpret the verse in the context of not only the passage or chapter but also the entire book and indeed, the whole Bible.

Muslims teachers are dishonest to cherry pick verses like Romans 3:7 and then feed it to their unsuspecting followers who just swallow what they are taught and go on to repeat, propagate and viral the deception and treachery of those Muslim teachers.

My advise to Muslims is simple. Always read the text for yourself. If your teacher mentions or “interprets” any verse, read the verse for yourself. Read the passage and ask yourself if what my teacher said is true.