Beware Of Fraud!

One day Muhammad receives a revelation from Allah concerning those who fail to join jihad.

“Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and those who strive and fight in the Cause of Allah.”

The verse meant that those actively engaged in fighting for Allah’s cause were superior to those who merely sat at home not fighting.

Just as this eternal divine verse of revelation was being written down by a scribe of Muhammad, a blind man questions Muhammad. He argues about the fairness of Allah’s revelation since he, being blind, cannot participate in jihad.

SUDDENLY……. a NEW verse is revealed!

Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) >>EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE DISABLED<< and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah.’

Sura 4:95

And THAT is the verse you find in the Quran today.

This fascinating story is given in the following Sahih hadith.

Do you believe an All-Knowing God forgot or overlooked to make an important exception for the disabled?
Did it really take a blind man to correct, improve and revise Allah’s initial revelation?

If Islam teaches that the Quran is eternal and preserved upon the Loh E-Mahfooz (the eternal tablet), what exactly is preserved? The one with the exemption of the disabled or the “original” one without it?

What an insult to Allah who is supposed to be infinite in knowledge to be upstaged by a clever poor blind man able to speak on behalf of the disabled, when both Allah and his prophet failed to!

Or was it all just Muhammad making up “revelations” and getting caught for not thinking it through, and then putting the blame on Allah’s “abrogation” when caught?

One of Muhammad’s personal scribes was Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh. He would write down the prophet’s recitations faithfully.

But something strange happened….

One day while writing what Muhammad was reciting, Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh stopped him and made a suggestion regarding the verse.  Instead of censuring his scribe for his insolence in interfereing with Allah’s revelation,  the prophet agreed to the changes and said “write whatever you like”!

This troubled Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh greatly. If Allah had given the specific words to Muhammad, how could Muhammad allow it to be changed to write whatever he (Ibn Abi Sarh) liked?  The faithful scribe was disillusioned. He exposed the prophet as a liar and a fake.  He left Islam and fled to Mecca.  Muhammad realizing he could be in trouble if Ibn Abi Sarh’s story came to light immediately “received” a new verse Sura 6:93 which condemns his old scribe as a liar, a wrongdoer and arrogant and promised a “punishment of extreme humiliation”.

Later when Muhammad came to conquer Mecca, guess who was the #1 on Muhammad’s hit list, to mete out the “punishment of extreme humiliation?”

Here is the story as related in Alfiyyat us-Sîrat in-Nabawiyyah by al-Hâfidh al-‘Iraqî:

The scribes of Muhammad were 42 in number. `Abdallah Ibn Sarh al-`Amiri was one of them, and he was the first Quraishite among those who wrote in Mecca before he turned away from Islam.

He started saying, “I used to direct Muhammad wherever I willed. He would dictate to me ‘Most High, All-Wise’, and I would write down ‘All-Wise’ only. Then he would say, ‘Yes it is all the same’.

(also recorded in Usûd Ulghâbah fî Ma’rifat Is-Sahâbah, [Dâr al-Fikr, Beirut (Lebanon), 1995], Volume 3, p. 154)

On a certain occasion he (Muhammad) said, ‘Write such and such’, but I wrote ‘Write’ only, and he said, ‘Write whatever you like.’”

The verse (23:12) that says, ‘We created man of an extraction of clay’ was revealed, and when Muhammad reached the part that says, ‘… thereafter We produced him as another creature’ (23:14), ‘Abdallah said, ‘So blessed be God the fairest of creators!’ in amazement at the details of man’s creation. The prophet said, ‘Write it down; for thus it has been revealed.’ ‘Abdallah doubted and said, ‘If Muhammad is truthful then I receive the revelation as much as he does, and if he is a liar, what I said is a good as what he said.’”

(Anwar al-Tanzil wa Asrar al-Ta‘wil by ‘Abdallah Ibn ‘Umar al-Baidawi)

So on the day Muhammad conquered Mecca, he commanded his ex-scribe to be killed. But the scribe fled to Uthman Ibn Affan, because Uthman was his foster brother (his mother suckled Uthman). Uthman, therefore, kept him away from Muhammad. After the people calmed down, Uthman brought the scribe to Muhammad and sought protection for him. Muhammad kept silent for a long time, after which he said yes to preserve Abi Ibn Sarh’s life. When Uthman had left, Muhammad said to his followers there “I only kept silent so that you (the people) should kill him.”
What a cowardly act!

Did Muhammad make up stories and “revelations” about God to fool his followers?

In another Sahih hadith, Muhammad claims that Allah loves sneezes but hates yawns.

Why would the infinite Creator of the entire universe love or hate what are essentially merely natural reactions of the human body that he himself supposedly created?
How does sneezing excite the infinite Creator?
Why does yawning annoy him?
How can this silliness be true?

Sounds like Muhammad was projecting his pet peeves and phobias onto Allah and dragging Allah down to his level to justify his ridiculous superstitions.

If yawning was such a taboo to the Almighty, why have no prophet ever even mentioned anything about that? Have human beings been yawning for thousands of years without knowing that God hated it?

Good night.