Where Is Salim’s Quran?

Muhammad appointed four teachers of the Quran that Muslims should learn the Quran from. One of them was named SALIM.

In fact, Salim was the FIRST of the companions of Muhammad to collect the Quran into a mushaf – a manuscript or written codex (As Suyuti, Al-Itqan fii `Ulum al-Qur’an, Vol.1 p.135).

Salim was so dedicated and so faithful to his task. What a precious, historic, valuable book this Quran of Salim must have been!

Unfortunately, Salim died in the Battle of Yamama but he left behind his precious collection of the Quran for all Muslims of all generations.

Does that mean Muslims today can learn from Salim, just as Muhammad instructed to?

Sadly, no. Uthman commanded that Salim’s manuscript be burnt! Why? Was he jealous of Salim’s Quran and wanted a book that would bear hos name as editor imstead?

Thanks to Uthman, Muslims CANNOT obey Muhammad’s instructions to learn the Quran from Salim.

Why did Uthman disobey Muhammad’s instructions?
And if Salim’s book, apparently endorsed by the prophet himself, is gone up in smoke, what book are Muslims using now?

Muslims claim it doesn’t matter that Salim’s Quran was destroyed because the Quran had been memorized by all the companions. Then why was Salim’s manuscript destroyed?  Did he not memorize it correctly? he was the first to collect the Quran as a book. Did it contain something that is not in today’s Quran?  There is absolutely no reason for Uthman to do this unless Uthman had something to hide.

Salim’s manuscript was not the only one destroyed by Uthman’s henchmen.  There were other great Quran teachers appointed by Muhammad, like Abdulla Ibn Ma’sud and Ubay bin Ka’b and others. Their manuscripts were also destroyed. Why?
If their codices were in error, then why would Muhammad have chosen them in the first place?  Did Muhammad make a mistake in identifying the best Quran teachers?  In fact, one of them, Ubay bin Ka’b was acknowledged as the best reciter (Sahih Buhkari 6.61.527).  Yet, his manuscript was destroyed.

And why would their codices be in error if Muhammad’s companions had all supposedly memorized the Quran perfectly? Did they all memorize and recite different things? Then how do you know what you are memorizing and reciting today that has come down to you is the same as the original genuine Quran of Salim?