The God Of Elijah

One of the great prophets of the Bible is Elijah.

He lived in the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahab in the 9th century BC. Elijah is also recognized as a prophet in Islam, named as Elias in the Quran.

In Hebrew, his name is אליהו or Eliyahhu.
In the Bible, names often have profound and significant meanings. What is the meaning of his name?

Eli = My God
Yah = Yahweh

How amazing! His very name declares the name of his God! As I was looking into this, I realized that there were very many people in the Bible whose names reflected the name of God, Yahweh.

Abijah, the second king of Judah. His name means: My Father is Yahweh
Adonijah, a son of David. His name means: My Lord is Yahweh
Amariah, means Yahweh Has Said.
Anaiah, means Yahweh Has Answered.
Azariah, one of Daniel’s friends. His name means: Yahweh Has Helped.
Azaziah, means Yahweh Is Strong
Benaiah, means Yahweh Has Built.
Gedaliah, means Yahweh is Great
Gemariah, means Yahweh Has Completed
Hananiah, means Yahweh Is Gracious
Hezekiah, a King of Judah. His name means Yahweh Strengthens
Hodiah, means Majesty Of Yahweh
Isaiah is one of the major prophets. His name means Yahweh Is Salvation
Jeconiah, means Yahweh Will Establish
Jehoiakim, means Raised by Yahweh
Jehoram, name of two kings in Israel. The name means Exalted By Yahweh
Jehoshaphat, a king of Judah. His name means Yahweh Has Judged.
Jehu, a king of Israel. His name means Yahweh Is He.
Jeremiah, one of the major prophets. His name means Yahweh Will Exalt.
Jeriah, means Taught By Yahweh
Joab, a commander of David’s army. His name means Yahweh Is Father.
Joash, a king of Judah. Meaning Fire of Yahweh
Joel, name of a prophet. The name means Yahweh Is God.
John (Yochanan in Hebrew), means Yahweh Is Gracious
Jonathan, son of King Saul and friend of David. Yahweh Has Given
Joshua, successor of Moses. Yahweh Is Salvation
Josiah, a king of Judah. The name means Yahweh Supports
Jotham, a king of Judah. Means Yahweh Is Perfect
Matthew, one of the apostles. His name means Gift Of Yahweh
Micaiah, means Who Is Like Yahweh
Nehemiah, means Yahweh Comforts
Neriah, means Lamp Of Yahweh
Nethaniah, means Yahweh Has Given
Obadiah, name of a prophet. The name means, Serving Yahweh
Seraiah, means Yahweh Is Ruler
Shemaiah, means Heard By Yahweh
Uriah, means Yahweh Is My Light
Uzziah, a king of Judah. Means, My Power Is Yahweh
Zebadiah, means Yahweh Has Bestowed
Zechariah, father of John the Baptist. His name means, Yahweh Remembers
Zedekiah, last king of Judah. Means, Justice Of Yahweh
Zephaniah, name of a prophet. His name means, Yahweh Has Hidden

My question is: Where is the name Allah? No one had heard of Allah?
Muslims believe the prophets were Allah’s prophets. Is Allah’s name Yahweh? Islam does not even recognize or acknowledge the name Yahweh. Why were there so many, including prophets, who were named in honor of Yahweh but no one mentioned Allah?

Muslims will counter by saying, “The name El refers to Allah.”

That is not true. El is not a proper noun. The word El just means God.
For example: Ezeki-EL means God Will Strengthen. While Ezek-IAH means Yahweh Strengthens. See the difference?
God’s name is Yahweh! God’s name is not God (Allah).

But the LORD (Yahweh) is the true God; he is the living God and the everlasting King.

Jeremiah 10:10

Also, as noted at the start of this article, Eli-Yah, means My God Is Yahweh.
To say that El means Allah is to say the name Eli-Yah means My Allah Is Yahweh! This is not Islamic teaching. There is not a single mnetion of the name Yahweh in Islam, either in the Quran or Sunnah.

One of the titles of Jesus is Emmanu-El, which means, God with Us.
Jesus IS God With Us in the flesh. To say that El means Allah is to say Emmanu-El means Allah With Us. And naturally, If Jesus is Emmanue-El, that means Jesus is Allah With Us. Again this is not Islamic teaching.

Muslims named in honor of Allah, usually have the “llah” suffix.
For example: Abdullah, meaning Servant Of Allah or Amanullah meaning Protection Of Allah.

The following example will illustrate this clearly.
Abdullah = Servant of Allah
Abdiel = Servant of God
Abdiah (Obadiah) = Servant of Yahweh

As we can see, Hebrew names that have the “iah” suffix or the “Y” prefix usually signify the name of Yahweh.

The Hebrew prophets worshiped and served Yahweh. They never heard of or knew anything called Allah in their entire lifetime. So it is very odd that the Quran hijacks the Hebrew prophets and associates them with Allah, while their very names, like Eli- Yah declares for all eternity that “My God Is Yahweh” or Zechar- Yah that “Yahweh Remembers”. Perhaps Muslims can conjure up prophets named Elilullah or Zakarullah instead of pirating the names of Eli-Yah and Zachar-Yah..

Since names that end with “lah” or perhaps have an “al” in them would signify the name Allah, I decided to look up some more names in the Bible.

Here are a few names I could find that probably comes closest in association with the name Allah.

Maha-lah, means weak or sick
Deli-lah, means weak and languishing
He-lah, means rust
Huldah, means weasel or mole.
Belial, means worthless.