The Book That God Revealed To Jesus

According to the Quran, God revealed a book to Jesus. When we ask to see this book, Muslims claim it was lost. No one knows how, when, where and why it was lost.

I believe I have now positively identified this unknown book. The 1400 year old mystery has finally been solved. Actually the book has been with us all along! We just never knew where to look!

Here is the unambiguous first verse of this book:

“This is the revelation which God gave to Yeshua the Messiah…”

Revelation 1:1a CJB

Any Muslim challenge usually takes the form of the single-prong attack of “Where is it written?”
As I have shown, thus, it is clearly and unequivocally written.

Muslims may protest, “But the name of the Book that Allah sent is Injeel. but this Book is not called Injeel!”
My response: Injeel is Arabic. The Arabic language did not even exist yet in the 1st century AD. So it would have been impossible for the Book to be called Injeel.
In the original language, the Book was called Apokalypsis. Translated into English as Revelation, which is what the Quran claims Injeel to be, a revelation.

If you carry on reading, you will notice unmistakable evidence that Muhammad himself took inspiration from this Book for his Quran.

He communicated it by sending his angel to his servant Yochanan, who bore witness to the word of God…”

Revelation 1:1b-2 CJB

Now with a quick sleight of hand.
He (Allah) communicated it by sending his angel to his servant Muhammad, who bore witness to the word of Allah…”

Keep on reading.

“Blessed is the one who READS aloud the words of this…”

Revelation 1:3 ESV

Anything there that catches your attention? What was the angel’s first word to Muhammad and indeed the first word of the Quran?
Iqra, which means READ. (or recite).

It’s almost as if Muhammad was using Revelation as his playbook of tactics and strategy for the Quran. And this is just from the first three verses of Revelation!

If you have never READ a single verse of this “Injeel”, now you can. 🙂