Parable Of Zero To Hundred

A 4 year old kid was flipping through his dad’s huge Calculus book. Suddenly his eyes lit up. He saw something familiar. He had just learnt the number zero that afternoon in his little numbers coloring book. He had not learned any other numbers yet but he recognized the “0” in the number 100 he saw on a page in his dad’s book. Excitedly he ran to his dad squealing, “Look Dad! Zero! Zero!”

The end.

Did you get it? Just in case you didn’t see it, let me elaborate.

The kid could not yet grasp the number 100 that he saw or even any other numbers, let alone the mathematical symbols and functions used in calculus. All he knew was the 0.

This is the way many Muslims approach the Bible. They have learnt “0” in their Quran and they scan the Bible looking for any vague resemblances to the “0” they’re familiar with. As soon as they find it, they run excitedly to debate forums squealing, “Look! I told you so! The Bible says Jesus is a man!” and celebrating as if the Quran has been validated.

Well, the Bible does say Jesus is a man. But it also says much more than that. You’re only seeing the “0” but avoiding the fact that it’s not really a zero. It’s 100! Muslims are guilty of cherry-picking selective verses to confirm a particular position while ignoring other verses that do not seem to support their bias.

What would I say to these Muslims ? Well, what would I say to that little kid?
“Oh that’s nice sweetie! Now, let’s learn the next number, and the next number, and the next number…..until one day, you will discover the number 100!”

I won’t be calling any Muslims, “sweetie” but that would basically be what I would tell Muslims who indulge in blatant confirmation bias.
“Correct. The Bible does say Jesus was a man. Because He was. But don’t stop there. Read the next verse, and the next verse, in fact read the whole chapter… will discover Jesus was not JUST a man. For, Jesus also said, “I give eternal life.” How can this be? How can a mere man give eternal life? There are countless references of Jesus doing and saying what only God can do and say.

You see, those who have read the Bible and know what it says about who Jesus really is. The little boy’s father has studied and knows calculus. The kid doesn’t. In years to come, when he learns numbers and integrals and derivatives, he might actually pick up his dad’s book and actually study it for himself and go beyond “0”.

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