Michael Hart: Hero Of Islam

From Algeria to Indonesia to Pakistan, Muslims love Michael H. Hart.

In debates and online forums, Muslims appeal to the authority of Michael H. Hart as evidence for how great and remarkable their prophet is.

Although most Muslims really know next to nothing about Michael H. Hart ~ his nationality, his occupation, his books or probably even how he looks like ~ all Muslims know one thing about him. He produced a “sacred” list in his book “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” in 1978.

The prophet of Islam, Muhammad was ranked at Number 1. Hart attributes this to the fact that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. This great accolade has been celebrated for decades and trumpeted for generations by Muslims and memes passed down from father to son.

Firstly, Michael H. Hart ranked 100 personalities based on his personal opinions on the most influential persons. Obviously someone else would rank them differently based on their own opinions. This is a subjective exercise and no one can claim that theirs is the definitive or one true list. There is a book on Amazon entitled “Hitler, Stalin, Muhammad: Who ranks as the most evil human ever?” written by Dov Ivry. You can buy the book and see for yourself if you want to but I’ll tell you who ranks at number 1 as “most evil human ever.” Muhammad. What does this prove? Only that it is merely someone’s opinion. To insist that a claim is true just because someone said it, is indulging in fallacy known as argumentum ad verecundiam or Appeal to Authority.

Secondly, Michael H. Hart is hardly the spokesperson of mankind. Hart has described himself as a white separatist. What is a white separatist? A racist. White separatists believe that white people are superior to those of other races and therefore should subjugate and dominate them. He proposed the partitioning of the United States to separate states for people according to their skin color. A white state, a black state, a Hispanic state, and an integrated mixed-race state (1).

Thirdly, most Muslims probably don’t even realize Michael H. Hart is a Jew. Muslims all over the world spew hatred on the Jews. The Quran labels them as “the worst of creatures” and insults them as “apes and swine” and “easily deceived.” Ironically, it is Muslims who have been easily deceived to embrace the words of a racist.

What exactly does a list of “most influential people” mean? Does it mean it is a list of the greatest people? Does it mean it is a list of good morally upright people? That’s what most Muslims think; that it’s a list of the greatest people. Or a list of the best people. That is not true. That’s only what they have been told.
Adolf Hitler was influential. His atrocities influenced the whole world. Hitler is on Michael Hart’s list. So is Joseph Stalin, who butchered millions of his own people. So is Genghis Khan, conquering barbarian warlord. They were all influential according to Michael Hart. Is it necessarily something to be proud of that you are at number one on a list together with Hitler and Stalin and Genghis Khan? It’s embarrassing. But what do Muslims care? As long as Muhammad is number #1, that’s all that matters.

Muhammad’s List Buddy: Genghis Khan
The cruel blood-thirsty barbarian conqueror. Estimated 20 to 60 million people died during his reign. If only he had also founded a religion, Michael H. Hart might have ranked him higher in his list.

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