Contradictions In The Quran

“Do they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a contradiction.”

Sura 4:82
  1. How long is one day according to Allah?
    a. 1 day is equivalent to 1000 years (22:47)
    b. 1 day is equivalent to 50,000 years (70:4)

2. How long did Allah take to create the earth?
a. 6 days (7:45, 10:3, 11:7, 25:59)
b. 8 days (41:9-12)

3. Is heaven older or the earth older? Which was created first?
a. Earth was created first (2:29, 41:9)
b. Heaven was created first (79:27-30)

4. From what substance were humans made from?
a. A blood clot (96:1-2)
b. Water (21:30)
c. Burned clay (15:26)
d. Dust (3:59)
e. Nothing (19:67)
f. Earth (11:61)
g. A drop of thick fluid ( 16:4, 75:37)
h. Sticky clay (37:11)

5. Is Shirk (idolatry) an unforgivable sin?
a. Unforgivable (4:48, 4:116)
b. Forgivable (4:153, 25:68-71)

6. What is the punishment for adultery?
a. 100 lashes for both the man & woman (24:2)
b. Life imprisonment for the woman but no punishment to the man (4:15)
c. Grant pardon (4:16)
d. Stoning to death (Bukhari 8:816)

7. Did Noah’s son drown?
a. All of Noah’s family survived ( 21:76)
b. Noah’s son drowned (4:15, 11:43)

8. Did Pharoah drown or was he saved?
a. Pharaoh survived the battle (10:92)
b. Pharaoh drowned (28:40, 17:103, 43:55)

9. Do Christians go to Heaven or Hell?
a. Christians shall enter paradise (2:62. 5:69)
b. Christians shall go to hell (5:72, 3:85)

10. Will God reward the good deeds of the non believers?
a. No (9:17)
b. Yes (99:7)

11. Did the Arabs (Meccans) receive any prophets (warners) before Mohammed?
a. No (28:46)
b. Yes (2:125)

12. What is the food in hell?
a. Thorns/Dhari (88:6)
b. Ones own pus (88:6)
c. Special hell fruit/ Zaqqum (37:66)

13. Is there compulsion in religion?
a. No (2:256)
b. Yes (9:29)
c. Kill apostates (Bukhari)

14. For whom is salvation for?
a. For all pious theists (5:69)
b. For Muslims only (3:85)

15. What should Muslims do with unbelievers in the end of days?
a. Nothing; live and let live (45:14)
b. Fight them (9:29)

16. Who will be the judge of humans?
a. Mohammad (5:109)
b. God (2:143)

17. What is the source of grace?
a. God (57:29)
b. Mohammad (9:74)

18. Who is the only one who can forgive sins?
a. Allah (3:135)
b. Allah together with Mohammad (4:64, 33:36)

19. Can God share power and sovereignty?
a. No (17:111)
b. Yes (3:26)

20. Does Satan mislead Muslims?
a. Yes (7:16)
b. No (38:82)

21. Who was the first Muslim?
a. Mohamad (39:12, 6:14, 6:163)
b. Moses (7:143)
c. Abraham (2:132)
d. Adam (2:37, 3:33)
e. Some Egyptians (26:51)
f. Jesus and his disciples (3:52, 5:111)

22. How was Isa created?
a. When Allah said, “Be.” (3:47)
b. When Allah blew into Mariam’s private part (66:12)

23. How many surahs does Allah require to prove that the Quran is not forged?
a. One (10:38)
b. Ten (11:13)

24: Can Allah have a son if he wanted to?
a. No. (6:101)
b. Yes (39:4)

25. Is it possible to have a son without a consort?
a. No (6:101)
b. Yes (19:20-21)

26. Can one bow before anyone but allah?
a. Only Allah (22:18)
b. To Adam (2:34)
c. To kaabah

27. Does Allah forget or not?
a. Allah never forgets (19:64, 20:52)
b. Allah forgets (7:51, 9:67, 32;14, 45:34)

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Contradictions About Allah

  1. Where is Allah?
    a. On a throne (57:4, 11:7)
    b. Everywhere (2:115)
    c. Kaabah (14:37)
    d. Nearby (2:186, 50:16)

2. Is Allah the only protector?
a. Yes (32:4, 9:116, 18:112)
b. No, angels too (41:31)
c. No, Muhammad too. (5:55)
d. No, the believers too. (9:71)

3. Is Allah the only Master to obey?
a. Yes. (18:26, 17:111, 6:71)
b. No, Muhammad too. (4:59, 4:80, numerous repetitions in 26:108,110,126,144,150,163,179)

4. Can Allah be seen?
a. No (6:103)
b. Maybe (42:51)
c. Yes, (53:1-8, 68:42)

5. Is Allah omniscient, all-knowing?
a. Yes (49:16)
b. No, he needs to test you to know (2:155)

6. Can only Allah see the unseen?
a. Yes (10:20)
b. No, Solomon can too (27:39)

7. Does Allah lead people astray?
a. No (9:115)
b. Yes (6:25)

8. Does Allah have body parts?
a. No (42:11)
b. Yes, he has a face (55:27)
c. Yes, he has eyes (20:39)
d. Yes, he has hands (5:64, 38:74-75, 39:67)
e. Yes, he has legs/shin (68:42)
f. Yes, he has a bottom to sit on (69:17)
g. Yes, he has male sexual reproductive organs (implied) (6:101)

9. Is Allah merciful?
a. Yes (1:3)
b. No (4:56)

10. Does Allah speak directly with people?
a. No (42:51)
b. Yes, various Moses, Adam, Muhammad, and some unknown person. (4:164, 2:36, 53:11, 2:259)

11. Does Allah forgive all sins?
a. Yes (39:53)
b. No (4:116)

Contradictions About Angels and Demons

12. Can angels be sent to the earth?
a. No (17:95)
b. Yes (2:102, 66:12, 15:65)

13. Can angels guard and protect?
a. No (2:107)
b. Yes (41:31)

14. How many angels helped Muhammad at Badr?
a. 3000 (3:124)
b. 1000 (8:9)
c. 0, because Allah does not send angels near any disbelievers (15:8)

15. Does Satan mislead Muslims?
a. Yes (7:16-17)
b. No (38:82-83)

16. Was Iblis a jinn or an angel?
a. Jinn (18:50)
b. Angel (2:34)

17. Where are the Jinns?
a. On earth and they cannot get to the heavens (55:33)
b. In the heavens and they cannot get to earth (37:6-7)

Contradictions About Creation

18. At creation, did heaven and earth come apart or come together?
a. Together (presented as evidence that the universe is contracting) (41:11)
b. Apart (presented as evidence that the universe is expanding) (21:30)

19: How long does it take Allah to create?
a. Takes time (7:54)
b. Instantly (2:117)

Contradictions About Day Of Judgement (Qiyamah)

20. How many trumpets will be blown on Qiyamah?
a. Two (79:7)
b. One only (69:13)

21. What happens to mountains on Qiyamah?
a. Become like wool (70:9)
b. Disappear (78:20)

22. Will do disbelievers receive their judgment book on Qiyamah?
a. On their back (84:10)
b. On the left hand (69:25)

Contradictions About Evil

23. Does evil come from Allah?
a. Yes (4:78)
b. No (4:79)

24. Does Allah command destruction?
a. No (6:131)
b. Yes (17:16)

25. Does Allah allow magic and bewitching?
a. No, it is evil (113:4)
b. Yes, with his permission (20:65)

26. Are animals evil?
a. Yes, (7:179, 7:166)
b. No (22:18)
c. Yes, the black dog is the devil (hadiths)

Contradictions About Heaven and Hell

27. When will the dead be back to life?
a. On the appointed Hour (Day of Judgement) (22:7)
b. Immediately after their death (3:169)

28. Is there a fate other than heaven or hell?
a. No (47:12)
b. Yes, purgatory exists (7:46)

29. Is intercession possible?
a. No (2:123, 2:47)
b. Yes (20:109, 10:3)

30. Is heaven singular or plural?
a. Singular (arabic, sama) (57:21)
b. Plural (arabic, samawaat) (3:133)

31. Who will men be with in paradise?
a. Wives from earth (43:70)
b. Heavenly virgins (52:20)

32. Does everyone experience hell?
a. Yes (19:71)
b. No (47:12, 3:157-158)

33. Will non-Muslims go to hell forever?
a. Not necessarily (6:128, 11:106)
b. Not eternally -(Arabic Huqb is seventy or eighty years, and every day of it is like one thousand years according to your reckoning in this life—Ibn Kathir) (78:23)
c. Yes (2:167, 41:28)

34. Will Isa be in hell?
a. Yes, because he is worshipped as God (21:98-99)
b. No (3:45)

Contradictions About Mankind

35. What is the purpose of mankind?
a. Only to worship Allah (51:56)
b. To pursue habits of Muhammad (7:158)
c. To perform best deeds (67:2)

36. Are all races equal?
a. No (3:33, 2:47)
b. Yes (49:13)

37. Does everyone bear their own burden?
a. Yes (6:164, 35:18, 2:286)
b. No (16:25, 2:91, 3:181, 29:13)

38. Does man have free will?
a. No (10:100)
b. Yes (81:28)

39. When was man’s fate written?
a. Before creation (57:22) [according to hadith, 40 years before the creation of the earth]
b. On Laylatul Qadr (lit. “The Night of Fate”) (44:3)

40. Who takes man’s soul upon death?
a. One angel (32:11)
b. Many angels (47:27)
c. Allah (39:42)

Contradictions About Muslims

41. Is Allah the only Wali?
a. Yes (9:116)
b. No (5:55)

42. How many mothers does one have?
a. One (58:2)
b. A plurality (4:23, 33:6)

43. How strong is a believer over an unbeliever?
a. One can overcome
ten (8:65)
b. One can overcome two (8:66)

44. Can a Muslim eat non-halal meat like pork?
a. No (6:118)
b. Yes (5:5)

45. Is jewelry allowed?
a. Yes, (16:14, 7:31)
b. No (28:76)

46. Is adoption allowed?
a. No (33:4)
b. Yes (4:23)

47. Is drinking alcohol allowed?
a. No (5:90, 2:219)
b. Yes (16:67)
c. Yes, but not when you’re about to pray (4:43)
d. Yes, rivers of wine in paradise (47:15, 83:22-26)

48. How many sacred months are there?
a. Four (9:36)
b. One (5:2)

Contradictions About Non-Muslims

49. What does Allah do with apostates?
a. Punishes them (88:23-24)
b. Ignores them (60:6)

50. Is there compulsion in Islam?
a. No (2:256, 109:6)
b. Yes (8:12)
c. Yes, unless the non-Muslim pays you (9:29)

51. Will Allah reward all good deeds?
a. No (9:17)
b. Yes (99:7)

52. Who causes disbelievers to go astray?
a. Allah (6:25, 35:8, 10:100)
b. Satan (15:39, 114:5, 4:119)
c. Themselves (9:70, 6:12, 30:9)

53. Who is salvation for?
a. For Muslims only (3:19, 3:85)
b. For all pious theists (5:69, 2:62)

54. How should Muslims treat unbelievers?
a. Kindly (45;14, 25:63)
b. They must be attacked and subjugated (9:29)

55. Can Muslims insult believers of other religions?
a. No (6:108)
b. Yes (98:6)

56. How to treat an infidel in the family?
a. Kindly (31:15)
b. Abandon them (9:23)

Contradictions About People Of The Book

57. Can Muslims take Christians as friends?
a. No (5:51)
b. Yes (5:82, 57:27)

58. Do Christians and Jews hate each other or love each other?
a. Hate (5:64)
b. Love (5:51)

59. Can a Muslim marry a Non-Muslim?
a. No (2:221)
b. Yes (5:5)

60. Do Muslims and Non-Muslims worship the same God?
a. No (109:3)
b. Yes (29:46)

61. Will Jews and Christians be saved from hell?
a. Yes (2:62, 5:69)
b. No (3;19, 3:85)

Contradictions About The Prophets

62. Were all the Biblical Jewish prophets Muslims?
a. Yes
b. No (Because People Of The Book were only Christians and Jews, not Muslims)

63. Who does Allah send as prophets and messengers?
a. Only men from a community (12:109)
b. Also angels (22:75)
c. A beast (27:82)
d. Entire tribes (4:163)
e. The earth itself (99:2)

64. Are all prophets equal?
a. Yes (2:285)
b. No (2:253)

65. Will Muhammad go to heaven?
a. Yes (48:1-2)
b. Not sure (46:9)

66. Was Muhammad a sinner?
a. No, he was sinless and the most perfect man.
b. Yes, he was a sinner (40:55, 48:2, 47:19)

67. Were all the prophets sinless?
a. Yes
b. No, Adam sinned (120:121)
c. No, Nuh sinned (71:128)
c. No, Ibrahim sinned (26:82)
d. No, Musa sinned (28:16)
e. No, Daud sinned (38:24)
f. No, Sulaiman sinned (38:35)
g. Jesus alone was sinless (3:45, 19:19 ~ Confirmation from hadith: The Prophet said, “When ANY human being is born. Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, EXCEPT Jesus, the son of Mary, whom Satan tried to touch but FAILED, for he touched the placenta-cover instead.”  (Sahih Buhari Book 54 Number 506))

68. How did Ibraham confront the idolaters?
a. Destroyed their idols (21:58)
b. Turns away and does nothing (19:49)

69. Did Muhammad perform any miracles?
a. Yes (according to Muslims)
b. No (29:50)

70. Are all messengers descended from the line of Abraham?
a. Yes (29:27)
b. No (16:36)

71. Was Ibraham an idolater?
a. No (2:135)
b. Yes (6:76)

72. Was Nuh banished and exiled by his people?
a. Yes (54:9)
b. No, he regularly talked with them (11:38)

73. Was Jonah cast on the shore?
a. Yes (37:145)
b. No (68:49)

Contradictions About Sex

74. Is adultery and fornication permitted?
a. No (24:33)
b. Yes (4:24, 23:6)

75. Is incest permitted?
a. No (4:23)
b. Yes (7:172, 33:37 ~Muhammad married his cousin, Zainab)

76. Is polygamy allowed?
a. Yes (4:3)
b. No (4:129)

Contradictions About Women

77. Are men and women equal?
a. Yes (3:195)
b. No (4:34, 2:228)

78. Can slandering a chaste woman be forgiven?
a. Yes (24:5)
b. No (24:23)

Contradictions About The Quran

79. Who brought revelation to Muhammad?
a. Holy spirit (16:102)
b. Jibreel (2:97)

80. Who is the revelation intended for?
a. Only to the illiterate/unlettered (62:2)
b. Only to Arabs (41:44)
c. Mankind (4:174)
d. Jinns too (55:33)

81. How was the Quran revealed?
a. On a night (44:3, 97:1)
b. In a month (2:185, 17;106, 25:32)

82. Is the Quran clear?
a. Yes (11:1, 16:103)
b. No (3:7, 2:1)

83. Is the Quran in pure Arabic?
a. Yes (16:103)
b. No because it contains qistas (a foreign word) (17:35) [with a balance (بِٱلْقِسْطَاسِ)]
c. No, because it contains al-sijjil (a foreign word) (15:74) [baked clay (سِجِّيلٍ)]

84. Does Allah change or abrogate his words?
a. No (6:115, 10:64)
b. Yes (2:106, 16:101)

Miscellaneous Contradictions

85. When did Pharoah command the killing of the babies?
a. When Moses was a prophet (40:25)
b. When was Moses a baby (20:39)

86. How many of Thamud killed the divine she-camel?
a. One (54:29)
b. Several (7:77)

87. Did the pagan Meccans receive any revelation before Muhammad?
a. No (34:44)
b. Yes (10:47)

88. How long did it take to destroy the Aad tribe?
a. One day (54:19)
b. Several days (41:16)
c. About a week (69:7)

89. How long does it take to wean?
a. 30 months (46:15)
b. 24 months (31:14)

90. How many creators are there?
a. One (40:62)
b. Many (23:14)

91. Who is jihad for?
a. For Allah (61:4)
b. For jihadis themselves only, not Allah (29:5-6)

92. Did The People Of The Book Corrupt Their Scriptures And Exchange It For A Small Price?
a. Yes, (2:79)
b. No (2:75, 3:199)

Note: Many of the above demonstrates what happens when we adopt the same critical and unsympathetic approach to the Quran that Muslim apologists often employ against the Holy Bible – an approach that does not allow for the possibility of harmonization. This critical method of interpreting the Holy Bible leaves Muslim apologists with no other choice but to accept the fact that their own respective scripture fails the test of logical consistency (which it certainly does, unlike the Holy Bible).

[Source: Answering Islam – Jesus is God]

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