Who Was On The Cross?

It’s fascinating when you think about how Islam deliberately turns the message of the gospel upside down!

Instead of the sinless Jesus dying on behalf of guilty sinners, Allah causes an anonymous guilty sinner to die on behalf of the sinless Jesus!

Can any Muslim tell me who was that person on the cross?

For hundreds of years, Muslims have been unable to make up their minds about who really was crucified on the cross?

i. Most Muslims say it was Judas, punished by Allah for his treachery.
ii. Some say it was the youngest disciple; when I ask them “who?”, they say the name is unknown
iii. Today I find out that al-Tabari names the one crucified as being a disciple named Sergius.
iv. Some Muslims say it was Simon of Cyrene
v. I read one account once that it was actually a Roman soldier.
vi. Any other candidates?

Doesn’t Allah offer you any answer? Surely one would expect Allah to have made it abundantly clear after 600 years of alleged Christian “deception”?

Or is it Allah’s and Muslims stand that anyone can be on that cross as long as it was not Jesus.