The White Prophet With Black Phobia

Have you ever wondered about Muhammad’s complexion? We can make a reasonably good guess that the average Arab in the heat of the desert would have been dark skinned or tanned or had olive-colored skin.

Muhammad was an exception though. He was white. In the following sahih hadith, Muhammad was described as a “white man.”

Muhammad, The White Man.

It is fascinating to note that the authentic Islamic hadiths go into some detail to make sure that we know how WHITE Muhammad was! It describes the whiteness of his armpits, the whiteness of his cheeks, the whiteness of his abdomen, the whiteness of his thighs, etc.

Muhammad’s White Armpits
Muhammad’s White Cheeks

Someone even counted and reported the number of white hairs Muhammad had!

Muhammad’s White Hair

That is not all. Do you wear white? It is sunnah to wear white according to Muhammad.

Wear White Clothes!

There was a man in Mecca named Abu Qubafa who had white hair and beard. Muhammad ordered him to change it! He could dye it to any other color EXCEPT black!

No Dyeing Your Hair Black!

Muhammad even went on to warn that those who dyed their hair black that they would never enter paradise!

If you think this was strange and that maybe Muhammad had a phobia of black things, you might actually be right!

Muhammad ordered killing of black snakes and scorpions.

Black dogs supposedly annulled Muslim prayers. Muhammad declared the black dog as a devil.

Once Muhammad had a dream about a black woman. He interpreted it as a sign of an epidemic.

Black Woman = Epidemic?

He insulted black Ethiopians as “raisin-head.”


Do you know what satan looks like? According to Muhammad, satan looks like a black man.

We know from Islamic sources that Muhammad owned black slaves and he frequently bought and sold slaves.

One day an Ansari man freed his black slave. What joy and exhilaration that slave must felt. Alas, his joy was short-lived. The white prophet, Muhammad, bought this freed black slave and enslaved him again. A few months later, that poor slave died perhaps of a broken heart.
But he was free at last….