Have You Ever Asked This Question?

Every Muslims favorite question:

“If Jesus is God, show me where does Jesus specifically and unequivocally says it?

I was reading from Matthew 4, when it suddenly hit me why all Muslims are taught to ask this question.


In this Gospel passage, satan repeatedly challenges Jesus, in this manner, “If you are the Son of God….” then do this…! Or “Since you are the Son of God…” do that!

When Muslims pose this question, “If Jesus is God…”  to Christians, they are throwing at the followers of Christ, the same challenge that satan threw at Christ!


In fact, if you look closely at this question, you’ll realize this was satan’s modus operandi all along, right from the time of Adam and Eve.

Do you recall satan’s words to Eve? He challenged the words of God like this, “Is it really true that God said…” (Genesis 3:1 NET), Satan is challenging God, challenging the Word of God.


Do you realize that during the crucifixion of Jesus, satan was there too? How do I know?

Look at Matthew 27:39-43.  Many people, the chief priests, scribes and elders mocked and derided Jesus saying, “If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross.”

It’s the same satanic strategy of challenging Jesus’ divinity!

At the cross, satan used people, even the religious authorities, to challenge Jesus’ divinity. Today satan still uses people, 1 billion muslims, to ask this same question…”If Jesus is God…”


Wake up O ye muslims!  Open your eyes and your heart! Don’t fall into satan’s trap! Satan has you right where he wants you! Enslaved and doing his work for him!

Just as satan challenged Christ then, the followers of satan challenge the followers of Christ today.